Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why is anonymous messaging so important in modern society?

Do we still have the right to speak, be heard and say what we think without revealing our true identity?

The simple answer is YES, for now.

Our First Amendment rights actually provide us with the ability to have a voice without a face. Oddly enough, as we witness the never ending erosion of our freedom of speech rights; there is an inevitable trend of holding people accountable for what they say and applying punitive measures should your statements not be politically correct. Or, God forbid, if you should insult some pragmatic individual or cause – it is likely a trial lawyer will come knocking at your door with a defamation lawsuit in hand.

There is no telling how much our government and “society” will tolerate as people continue to find the need to express concerns regarding infringements on their basic rights. But one thing is for certain, it is becoming more dangerous to speak your mind.

The Silent Sender team, and community, believes you should never fear speaking-up. Whenever possible, you should voice your opinion and concerns in person and out in the open. But there are occasions where’s anonymous messaging services become an attractive alternative to putting your good name in the crossfire. Remember, you always have a voice- it’s what your voice proclaims that can put you into a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

We want you to be empowered to use your voice- speak out, speak up and do it with confidence, knowing The Silent Sender team is working to bring you new technology and new methods of protecting your identity while giving you the confidence to come forward with information that could change the lives of the people you care about or the community you dearly cherish. We are here for you, because we understand how important it is to exist without living in fear.

If you “feel” you should do something or say something about a potentially dangerous situation- you should. Follow your moral compass and allow to deliver your concerns while truly protecting your identity. Whether you simply need quick and easy anonymous messaging to tip someone off or telegraph a concern you have about a friend or you need to send an anonymous letter with greater detail and picture – we are here to help. We truly care, because we are passionate about helping people, saving lives and giving you the tools to make an IMMEDIATE impact TODAY.

Discover how to send an anonymous email - Go Silent! The Truth Will Set You Free...


  1. It is a great way for people to be cowards, that is for sure.

  2. Great article...this is a great tool to keep our communities safe!

  3. Well- yes, people who fear getting in trouble for speaking up should be relieved this resource exists. But I don't know if I would consider them cowards.


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