Monday, February 21, 2011

Anonymous Donation Makes A Difference

It's quite refreshing to see how the day-to-day applications of anonymity continue to positively change the lives of people. A Port Washington, NY man suffered a diblitating brain injury while working on an antique car in the summer of 2008. The hand-crank mechanism connected to the engine flew off and struck the man in the head. He suffered partial paralaysis and difficulties with speech.

He recovered enough to utilize a wheelchair but needed a specialzed brace that would help him as he relearned how to walk. The brace was not covered by his insurance company- and he was denied the brace. An anonymous parishioner from St. Ann's in Garden City, provided the money needed to buy the brace. The donation was given to the pastor and the brace was purchased.

The recovering man said he’s going to respect the donor’s wish to remain anonymous and will not attempt to track the person down but insisted that the next person who receives the Bioness brace continue to pay it forward in honor of the donor from St. Anne’s.

Anonymous messaging or anonymous tips don't always have to be used to solve or prevent a crime- but have an intrinsic value to society by creating the medium through which someone can take action without drawing attention to themselves.

You can read more about this story from its original source by clicking here.

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  1. I am really very amazed reading this post and happy that there are still people who donates money sincerely without telling others that they are donating that they are doing some good cost to help others. They should be emulated and they are indeed worth to be applauded.


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