Thursday, February 24, 2011

SW Virginia School Taking On Bulleying With Anonymous Email

Let's here it for "common sense!" A south-western Virgina high school has implemented a new program to tamp down on cases of cyber-bullying.  Kids and parents can use Facebook, an email, or fill out a form on the school's website to report concerns. If they prefer, they can do it anonymously. The initiative is called the "Safe Share" web program.

Officials have high hopes that it will be effective, because the reporting can be done anonymously.

A direct quote from TJ Slaughter, School Safety Coordinator was, "A lot of times they want to pass along information, but they don't know who to give the information to or they're afraid to pass along the information for fear of retaliation." This method of conveying information, that could help a kid or save a life, can now be communicated without the fear of getting in touble or getting caught in the middle.

Silent Sender applauds the Martinsville City Schools for their common sense approach to making the disemination of sensitive information easier and safer for the kids in their communities. Being able to send an an anonymous email or anonymous message is the key to getting more people to come forward.

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