Friday, February 25, 2011

Anonymous Group Mulls Campaign To Ouster Muskegon County Prosecutor

Evan Emory
An anonymous group is reacting (or perhaps overreacting) to a case of child pornography charges brought against a local man (Evan Emory) who edited and posted a video of himself singing sexually explicit lyrics to a class of first-graders. The group is contemplating a recall campaign  against the county prosecutor because they feel the charge was to harsh. The Muskegon County Prosecutor, Tony Tague, stated that the group was probably misinformed about state sentencing guidelines and went on to explain that a 20-year sentence was unlikely.

The anonymous recall group has not responded to requests for interviews and as of 3:00 PM Thursday, no one had filed a petition with the Muskegon County clerk’s office to initiate the recall process.

The anonymous group has been using Facebook to mobilize its campaign and sent out a anonymous news release that they “may be on the verge of moving forward with a campaign” contingent on some positive responses on its Facebook page. The group's page can be found here. It currently has 285 followers (or Likes).

This is another example of how people are using anonymity and anonymous messaging on Facebook and other social networking websites to express their opinions and try and affect change in their communities.

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