Monday, February 14, 2011

School District to "still" accept anonymous tips

A Florida school district has stated it will continue to accept anonymous tips to report illegal and illicit actions committed by its teachers and district employees. However, the district warns that while they will investigate ALL tips, “anonymous” tips will take the back burner because they do not have anyone associated with them to follow-up with.

A teacher’s school board member and the Teachers Association President for Hernando County felt that in many cases, investigating a teacher just because they get an anonymous tip may do more harm then good; to both teachers and students.

“Tips” are practically synonymous with anonymous. The definition of a “tip” is a piece of confidential, advance, or inside information. The act of tipping someone off is usually covert. Most people are unwilling to provide tips regarding illegal or illicit activity because they don’t want to get their name dragged into it. In this case- it almost sounds like the district wants someone else to place the blame on, instead of the accused. Giving anonymous tips a lower priority on the basis that there is no one to follow-up with is contrary to the point. The tip is being submitted because someone could be in potential danger.

It is important to give anyone the chance to defend themselves from any accusation. But it would be irresponsible to ignore the potential for harm from people that are trusted with our children’s well-being. There are plenty of good, responsible, kind-hearted teachers out there waiting to be hired or rehired. If we can shake out the bad apples with anonymous tips, so be it.

Parents and students alike should be aware of anonymous tips sites on the web such as, where they can use anonymous messaging to get a tip to the school board or the school’s administrators.

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