Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Tattle or Not to Tattle – That is The Question Behind Anonymous Messaging

Should we or should we not step forward to reveal ourselves as well as the information we have? A new website makes the decision much easier.

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 26, 2011 – DETROIT, Michigan – Is it morally right to withhold information that could save a friend – or even an unknown – from imminent peril… or should you take a stand and do something about it?  What if you had the ability to “spill the beans” while remaining completely anonymous?

Every day, people become privy to information regarding unethical, immoral and even criminal activity.  Most of those people want nothing to do it with it because they don’t want their name attached to the conflict.  There is a standing fear of becoming the messenger, specifically because of the “kill the messenger” reaction that many people have when they become the recipient of negative news or information.

Silent Sender, a newly launched site, is giving everyone the opportunity to finally speak up without fear of becoming that messenger on the chopping block.

“No one wants to get wrapped up in conflict, even when it means doing the right thing.  People want to do right naturally and we end up carrying this heavy moral weight because we’re stuck between covering our own and trying to do what’s right” says a spokesperson for

They went on to state “Whether it has to do with turning someone in at work, or tipping off someone to a cheating spouse, or even just letting someone know they’re doing something wrong there is a standing fear of reprisal and retribution.  Few people are ok with the potential for having a ‘do the right thing’ choice blow up in their face.  That’s why I launched Silent Sender, so people could ‘go silent’ because the truth will set you free.  It gets rid of that moral weight.”

The newly launched site offers users the ability to send anonymous messages, up to 160 characters (about the length of a Twitter message) for free to any email address.  For those users who want to dish out more information, there’s a premium anonymous messaging service where users can send up to 10 pages with photos to any physical address for a small price.

The overall mission of the site is to provide users with a platform where they can embrace the freedom of speech and deliver information to any source without fear of being personally tied to the info or getting caught in the middle.  For those debating on whether or not to “tattle”, Silent Sender offers the obvious solution through anonymous messaging services.

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About Silent Sender is a social networking tool that anyone can use to disseminate information in an anonymous fashion. Whether electronic or snail mail, every person who uses Silent Sender can be empowered to make a meaningful and immediate impact on their community – anywhere in the United States.

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