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Anonymous Messaging - Things You Should Never Tell a Woman Vs. Sharing the Ugly Truth


Derek Cromwell

Information is golden, and the actual information you have or the information you want to provide is and always will be more important than where it comes from. Unfortunately, we tend to put far too much emphasis on the source of the info while discounting the weight of the information itself. If the information you have could keep someone from getting hurt, can save a life, could bring a fugitive to justice or if it simply protects the rights and lives of others then it needs to come out.
Mind you there are some situations where information you have - based on a subjective point of view - is best kept to yourself. A perfect example would be in the top 10 things you should never tell a woman:

  • That your family hates her

  • That you have insecurities

  • That you flirt with other women

  • That you have some kind of wimpy behavior

  • Compare her to your ex

  • That you talk to your mother about everything... often

  • You have not-so-cool hobbies (Faberge eggs anyone?)

  • That you dislike her any of her girlfriends

  • That you've done shameful things in the past

  • That you find one of her friends to be smoking hot.

From that list you could pretty much gather that these are areas that no man should venture into when it comes to speaking the truth. In situations like this, it's best to just let things be. Some things you should just never tell a woman. We won't even touch on any use of the word 'fat' because if you've done it or considered it, no top 10 list is going to save you.
Subjective opinions whether they're fact or fiction rarely need to be spoken, even if they are bursting out of you. When you have vital information that relates to something immoral, unethical or even illegal that has to do with someone you know then it's imperative that you speak up. Here are some things that you should say to someone - even women.

  • That a coworker is cheating on the time clock

  • A neighbor is dumping toxic chemicals on their property

  • First hand proof of fraud

  • If someone you know is being cheated on

  • If you know of illegal activity in your neighborhood - or in your family
But what if you want to report any of these incidents but you have no interest in letting people know you're the one that blew the whistle? Is there a way to report on these activities anonymously?
Even if the information involves a spouse or direct family (or someone they know) sometimes it's best to give the information through anonymous means like using an anonymous messaging service. That can remove you from the situation while getting the information to the right people.
You're doing the right thing while protecting your own interests.
It's unfortunate that we live in a world where people are forced to look out for their own best interests just to do what's right, but you can't risk exposing yourself if you have a legit fear of reprisal in any situation. Using an anonymous messaging service will protect your identity, helping you remember that the information is always more important than the source.
An anonymous messaging service completely removes the source from the equation.
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