Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anonymous Messaging Online - Can Americans Do The Right Thing?

Could a newly launched website prevent the modern day equivalent of the Kitty Genovese murder?

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 26, 2011 – DETROIT, Michigan – People have long been worried about getting involved in the affairs of others, particularly when it means that their name may be tied to something less than favorable such as negligent, criminal or unethical activities.  Others simply suffer from what has been coined the “bystander effect” or “Genovese Syndrome”.

This term came about due to the gruesome murder of Kitty Genovese in New York, 1964, and the subsequent lack of reaction of many of the neighbors around her apartment building where she was attacked and stabbed by Winston Moseley.

Despite the cries for help including Genovese screaming “Oh my God, He stabbed me! Help me!” many of the neighbors that did hear the incident assumed that it was a lover’s quarrel, or a drunken debate in the street outside of their apartment building.  The reaction of local residents, or lack thereof, is theorized to be based more on the protection of self and even the callousness of local New York residents.

Then, as many do now, people kept to themselves to protect the safety of their homes and families.  People rarely want to tie their name to a gruesome incident such as the murder of Kitty Genovese where they may be forced to testify in a criminal and expose themselves.

But could this type of incident be prevented if people had a way to inform authorities in an anonymous fashion?  What if the local residents had a way to keep their name off the records while getting Kitty Genovese the help she needed? is a newly launched site that focuses on giving people the opportunity to send messages and letters in an anonymous fashion, whether that’s reporting on a crime, delivering news and information to various media outlets or sending important information to an individual.

The aim is to provide a platform where people can be heard – a place where they can say what needs to be said without fear of reprisal.

“Around the world, but especially here in our local communities, there is a lack of accountability and personal responsibility.” Says a spokesperson for  “There needed to be a way for people to share information without being caught in the middle.  Some people just don’t trust tip lines & law enforcement.  With our anonymous message services we give them a way to speak without worrying about freedom of speech.  Silent Sender is a means for the public to finally make an immediate and profound difference while protecting their identity.”

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About Silent Sender

The site,, delivers the ability for users to send free anonymous messages of 160 characters in length or a premium anonymous letter through direct mail that can be up to 10 pages in length with the added ability to attach photos. Silent Sender is a tool that anyone can use to disseminate information in an anonymous fashion.

For more information on sending anonymous messages visit

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