Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anonymous Messaging – Can Every American Finally Have a Voice?

A new anonymous messaging service is making it easier for everyday citizens to make themselves heard

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 26, 2011 – DETROIT, Michigan – WikiLeaks; It’s a branded name that millions of people are aware of thanks to a great deal of media attention.  That media attention was brought about by the subtle yet purposeful attempts of authoritarian figures to impose national gag orders on the ability to share information.

As people have tried to disseminate information either online or directly to other sources (such as the media), many have been met with resistance and previously mentioned gag orders in an effort to squelch the flow of important info.  

People as a whole tend to want to protect their own; Especially when it comes to sharing information – even if that info pertains to a coworker, a friend or someone they’re close to.  That’s the reason so few people tend to challenge the system in any way – they fear reprisal by using the voice that the constitution of the United States assures them they are free to use.  

As a result, many are less likely to tie their name to information they feel compelled to share.  Whether you’re an executive, someone with political interests or you’re just looking out for your own patch of grass in your community there’s a clear benefit to remaining anonymous when it comes to sharing information.

Silent Sender, a new website that has launched in early 2011, is taking a brave leap into the world of information sharing and social networking by finally providing a platform through which any individual can submit information using their anonymous messaging services.

“There is no justice in the way information is handled today.  People are terrified to do what’s right and speak their mind because they fear reprisal.  They wind up being so concerned for their own personal well-being and safety that it overshadows the moral obligation we have as people to do what’s right.  We forget the need to say what needs to be said.  As a result, we’re saddled day after day with a crushing moral weight because of secrets we hold.” stated a spokesperson for Silent Sender.

“People are tired of voter fraud, they are exhausted after dealing with political corruption, and they’re weary from the financial hit we all take due to various frauds and corporate corruption.  Communities full of people have had enough of victims being wronged and they are even more tired of leaders dropping the ball.  Yet few can say anything, because it shines a great big spot light on them – but not anymore.”

The anonymous messaging service highlights the slogan “go silent”, assuring that people who make use of the free anonymous messaging and premium anonymous mail service will be able to hide their identity – essentially removing all fear of reprisal while they blow the whistle.

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About Silent Sender
The site,, delivers the ability for users to send free anonymous messages of 160 characters in length or a premium anonymous letter through direct mail that can be up to 10 pages in length with the added ability to attach photos. Silent Sender is a tool that anyone can use to disseminate information in an anonymous fashion.

For more information on sending anonymous messages visit ...

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