Saturday, June 1, 2013 Anonymous Email Upgrade Comming Soon!

Verify Email Function is working on a third upgrade to its wildly popular anonymous email services. World renowned for providing total anonymity to the repressed, the fearful and those just wishing to keep would-be-snoopers out of their business, remains the premier service on the WEB for sending and receiving anonymous email.

Last year, services we expanded to include the ability to reply to anonymous messages and maintain a back-and-forth communication between sender and recipient while protecting the identities of both parties. Also, a new "Widget" was created so that website and blog owners can add the site's anonymous email service to their own websites, in order to receive anonymous feedback and comments from their readers.

In the coming upgrade, there will be several new services offered along with refinements of the existing services and fixes for several know bugs. Some of those refinements and fixes are below:

1. Verify Email - users will be able to check the validity of an email address before sending a message. Users will be alerted to bad email addresses and working email addresses.

2. "Pay for" Subject - the standard (fixed) subject line, "You have a secret waiting for you at" can be replaced by a series of pre-defined subjects with the ability to add custom text. For example, one option is to choose "<blank> is cheating on you!" Users can replace <blank> with custom text (the name of a person). The option to customize subjects increases the likelihood the recipient will read the message since the subject line contains information or knowledge that is personal, looking less like SPAM and more like a legitimate message. The service will cost $2.00 to add a custom subject line. Users can opt-out and use the standard subject line for free.

Tracking Number Update
3. Tracking Number update - the tracking number that is displayed to retrieve and check the status of messages will include three new functions: email the tracking number, print the tracking number and bookmark the tracking number. This means no more having to write down your tracking number the old fashioned way. A big improvement.

4. Bugs & Fixes - several bugs in the retrieval process are being addressed. Currently the "reply" function is active when both sending and receiving messages. This often confounds users as they accidentally hit the reply button when checking the status of a message which actually deletes the message or fouls up the message retrieval process for the recipient. Several other bugs in the "pay for" reply process are being addressed.

We will keep you up to date as we revise the list of coming upgrades and fixes. is still the best site on the internet to send an anonymous email. Be sure to check back often!

Go Silent! The Truth Will Set You Free...


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