Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Has Been Upgraded - Send And Receive Anonymous Email Home Page
We are pretty excited here, at After three and a half months of development and hard work we can finally put our feet up and enjoy the view. Our website has been upgraded to include some new and exciting capabilities including a refreshed look as well as smoother functionality.

NEW: The ability to receive anonymous email.

The site's original function was strictly limited to being able to send notification emails only. This meant that a sender could relay a message by inputting the recipients email address along with a short message. The recipient would get an email notifying them that a message was waiting for them. The recipient would come back to the site and retrieve their message, after which, it was deleted.

The new function allows the recipient to now respond to the messages they pick-up at the site. After a message was been read, the recipient can now hit a reply button and respond to the the sender. The system maintains the same level of security and no threads (conversation) are preserved. Each response is treated like the any other message. It is automatically deleted after it is read or after 7 days, whichever occurs first.

NEW: Senders and Recipients have the ability to check the status of their messages.

Originally, the sender would never get a tracking number. Only the recipient would get a tracking number to retrieve their message. Now, both senders and recipients get tracking numbers after each volley (each message sent/replied to). At any time after a message has been sent, the user can use their tracking number to check the status of their message. It is now possible to know if the message was picked-up, the message was replied to or the message expired. This is a feature we wanted to build into the original system but could not due to some technical difficulties. Users will be especially appreciative of this new function since it will give them some idea if their message was retrieved.

NEW: Powered By: Widget

We have developed a new widget that can be installed on your blog or webpage that allows you (the site owner) to receive anonymous messages/comments/input from your users through the's proprietary messaging system. This is a great new feature because users will enjoy using a trusted third-party instead of the "so-called" anonymous commenting functions built into certain website and blogs. Those that desire to collect anonymous research data (via anonymous responses) or wish to provide anonymous messaging services outside the closed loop of their host, ISP or software environment can now offer their users true anonymous messaging capabilities. This new service will benefit users and website owners who want to receive anonymous messaging services for anonymous crime tips, media tips, anonymous surveys, anonymous workplace tips, anonymous feedback or any purpose that requires discretion or anonymity. The new widget can be obtained for free by signing up at's anonymous email and messaging services have become wildly popular around the world because it differs dramatically from tradition proxy email services that have relied on hacker-like exploits or re-mailer schemes. We strive to offer solutions to online privacy by protecting your right to communicate without the fear of reprisal. Subscribe to our feed to continue receiving periodic updates about future enhancements and upgrades.

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