Monday, May 2, 2011

Anonymous Tip Exposes Cockfighting Ring

An anonymous tip helped police bust up a cockfighting ring in Texas that was using a kiddie party as its cover to conduct the unlawful activity.

The anonymous tip led police to a Dayton, Texas property, about 65 km northeast of Houston to investigate the alleged cockfighting operation. To the utter astonishment of the police, the officers discovered a children's party complete with a waterslide and a festive picnic-like event.

Deputies began to notice suspects emerging from and unnoticeable location on the property seemingly alarmed and running to their vehicles in an attempt to elude the authorities. Several suspects crashed into each other demolition derby-style as they battled among themselves to get away. Several of the the fleeing suspects crashed into each other as the fled the scene and one blew through a wooden fence in Hollywood fashion.

The bewildered and shocked children witnessing the breakout of suspects stood by wailing in shock as police began to uncover the nefarious purpose of the event. Bloodied, battered and dead foul were discovered (some in cages with metal blades attached to their beaks) strewn about and still penned in their cages, awaiting the next round of blood lust. A barn on the property was found to contain a cockfighting ring with evidence indicating an illegal cockfighting event had been in progress; likely just before the police showed up.

Two arrest were made for interfering in a police investigation and failing to willfully provide valid identities.

Silent Sender applauds the brave individual that came forward with the anonymous tip that led to the break-up of this bloody and cruel sport. The ability to send an anonymous message or provide and anonymous tip to the authorities provides more opportunity for justice to be served and criminal activity to be exposed.

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  1. Thanks to the person who gave the tip. Job well done to all police.

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