Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anonymous Navy Seal Who Shot Bin Laden to be Revealed?

Not likely anytime soon and possibly never.

The individual responsible for permanently snuffing out the ubiquitous, almost omnipresent force of Osama Bin Laden will most likely remain anonymous in order to protect his family and friends from harm or retaliation by any party seeking revenge on behalf of Bin Laden. Veiled in the secrecy of "black ops", this true American hero is the quintessential "Unknown Soldier."

So what do we know about the individual that probably has had an equally profound impact on the future war on terror as Bin Laden did over the last twenty years? According to some ex-Navy Seals, he is probably between ages of 26 and 33. He would likely be experienced enough to have had time to complete additional training which is required to join the elite counter-terrorism unit. But, he would also be young enough to withstand the physically strenuous aspects of the job. He is likely a man since there are no women in the SEALs. He is likely Caucasian, though the SEALs have been increasing the number of minorities in their ranks. He was possibly a high school or college athlete with attributes of  strength, speed and agility. “They are referred to as ‘tactical athletes,’ ” the ex-Seal members stated

It is probable that some operational aspects of the mission will be revealed in the future, but it is highly unlikely that any information that would reveal intelligence techniques or sources would be compromised to satisfy the insatiable public curiosity.

It is important preserve the anonymous identity of this individual, as he is a true hero and deserves the adulation of all people who reject hate and the twisted variant of jihad-ism that Bin Laden spewed from his covert hiding places since before 911. The ability to remain anonymous is a fundamental right. In this case, a fundamental necessity. Anonymity is synonymous with 'protection'. It keeps us safe from danger, whether that be fanatical retaliation, exploitation or unwanted intrusion.

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  1. Bin Laden is on top of the news. It's still a question on almost everybody who shot Bin Laden. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Thanks for this article. And yes, I agree that the identity of Bin Laden's assailant should be remain anonymous. Kudos to the navy seals....

  3. They are really protecting the identity of that navy seal,but it's okay because he will be the center of terrorist attacks once revelead


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