Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anonymous Letter On Twitter Urges Overthrow Of Chinese Government

It has been over a month since an anonymous message on Twitter called people to gather in various Chinese cities to protest against the Chinese government. For the last month, each week has seen increasingly higher numbers of suggested cities, and each week the Twitter'er still cheerfully claims that such actions will slowly take down the totalitarian government. Despite the call to action - what little protesters there were have silently disappeared into the shadows of ambuity. The entire effort has pretty much slipped back into the shadows of uncertainty, however that's not the same for the government crackdown.

Dissidents and protesters are quietly disappearing in the middle of the night or an their way home from work. Many are being detained for "questioning". China takes protests against the establish quite seriously as we can all recall from the events in 1989 at Tienanmen Square where protesters and students were openly fired upon and killed by government police.

The anonymous letter posted in Twitter continues to urge a call to action, but the movement seems to have died down for now. It is important to pause here and consider the ramifications of an anonymous message posted online. Clearly- we have seen the powerful impact of social networking on the Middle East turmoil over the last three months. The ability to reach out to the masses, anonymously, in efforts to organize people can have a profound effect. But without leadership or a clear mandate- efforts likes these are quickly quelled in countries like China. Click the mouse at the wrong moment in time or show up at a flash mob and you might disappear too. Let's all hope that these rumors are unfounded or over-exaggerated.

Anonymous messaging and the ability safely surf the web anonymously, post anonymous comments and enjoy anonymous social networking are a part of our society and culture; this is a reflection of the freedom that we are granted under the Constitution of the United States.

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