Friday, April 29, 2011

Anonymous tip leads to drug bust

A tip from an anonymous caller has resulted in the arrest of three people now facing drug charges. The tip led police to a parking lot and then to an East York home where more than $500,000 woth of cash and drugs was discovered and seized.

The anonymous tip was received by York Regional Police regarding suspicious activity in a parking lot in the Woodbine Ave.-Hwy. 7 area.

A man was arrested without incident around March 25.

The following day police raided a home on West Lynn Ave. in East York and seized another $120,000, and a more drugs worth in excess of $310,000. Along with the cash and drugs several weapons were discovered.

"This is a fine example of how the general public can help be the eyes and ears of police work," Browne said.

It is not unusual for the general public or even someone "in the know" to send an anonymous message to authorities. Many crimes are exposed everyday by concerned citizens that either send an anonymous tip or use some form of anonymous messaging to pass on vital information that leads to arrests. Silent Sender applauds the brave citizen that contributed the information that led to these arrests.

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  1. Everyone must take responsible in making this world a better place to live. Those anonymous people who send tips to solve public crimes are people who truly care. I salute them.

  2. Kudos to these vigilante who makes bad people pay their wrong doings. More power to you all... Good luck.

  3. Great news! I hope there will be more people who will take steps and do the same. So, that drug addiction will be put stop.

  4. What this anonymous person does, that leads to the drug bust operation is worth applauding. He/She should be imitated so that drug addiction will not flourish anymore.


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