Friday, March 18, 2011

Rat Poison Hamburgers Exposed By Anonymous Tip

How would you like it if you recently discovered that your hamburger dutifully prepared in the kitchen of an Annapolis Maryland Fuddruckers had been sitting in preparation for consumption on a tray full of rat poison? You would probably be pretty disturbed and grossed out.

An anonymous tip led the local health department to conduct a surprise inspection of the establishment revealing trays of raw hamburger meat in a walk-in freezer peppered with rat poison pellets.The restaurant was ordered immediately closed and workers disposed of the tainted and exposed meat. After the tipster's report, the investigator assured that the rat pellets were discovered quickly. "It was in the refrigerator area, so it was not difficult for the inspectors to find," she said.

I am not sure what it more worrisome- potential exposure to rat poison, or the knowledge that someone believed the rat infestation at that location was bad enough to place the poison in such close proximity to the food. Or, even worse- did someone intentionally intend on poisoning the food.

Silent Sender applauds the anonymous tipster who came forward with this potentially life saving information.The ability to provide anonymous tips through anonymous messaging or whatever means continues to demonstrate that anonymity is critical to preventing crime or alerting the general public to a potentially dangerous situation.

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