Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anonymous tip and a cigarette butt leads to capture of "East Coast Rapist" Suspect

Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas, 39 - an accused rapist with DNA evidence connecting him to at least 12 victims of sexual assault and rape is on suicide watch after he tried to hang himself in his jail cell one day after being arrested. Mr. Thomas is no worse for wear after the attempt and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. He was given a clean bill of health but is being closely observed in case he attempts to take his life a second time.

The breakthrough that ultimately led to the arrest of Thomas came to Virginia police in the form of an Anonymous tip. While under surveillance, investigators tested a discarded cigarette they had observed him smoking and had the DNA cross-referenced with the DNA from the 12 victims from Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The assaults spanned a period of twelve years between 1997 and 2009. Thomas was quickly arrested when genetic material (DNA) matched DNA preserved from the earlier cases. He was taken into custody on Friday.

A spokesperson for the Prince William County police department, informed members of the media that the combined work of a recently formed multiagency task force and an anonymous tip helped spur the investigation and lead to the arrest of Thomas.

Thankfully, citizens still have faith in anonymity. As long as the ability to provide an anonymous tip via anonymous messaging or any system that protects the identity of the informant remains available- monsters like Thomas will ultimately face the criminal justice system. As they say... "someone always knows something" ... and by not getting actively involved, the tipster effectively made the apprehension of Thomas possible. Chalk one up for anonymity.

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  1. Oh my God !! He is really a very bad man. Government should hang this type of people.


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