Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Martin "Banged" George Zimmerman's Head Off Footpath According To Anonymous Source

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin
An anonymous source cited that Trayvon Martin grabbed Mr George Zimmerman's head and banged it repeated times against a footpath; according to the The Orlando Sentinel. Police said the newspaper's story is "consistent" with evidence handed over to prosecutors.

In the highly controversial news story, the facts surrounding the night Trayvon Martin was shot have remained murky and unclear, except for corroborating testimony from witnesses that suggests Martin was the aggressor during the scuffle and not Mr. Zimmerman as being claimed by Martin's family, media and national civil rights figureheads.

A recently released CCTV video shows Mr. Zimmerman exiting a police squad car shortly after the event with no "visible" injuries. Lawyers for the Martin family are pointing to this as a red herring in the case against Mr. Zimmerman, stating that it proves Trayvon wasn't the aggressor and that Mr. Zimmerman's testimony is false or embellished.

Mr. Zimmermn remains free as authorities continue to piece together what happened that night the 17 year-old youth was shot. As more facts come to light, racial tensions around the country continue to heat-up while the true facts of that fateful night have yet to be been revealed.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sierra Lamar Cell Phone Recovered

Sierra Lamar
Police have recovered the cell phone of 15-year-old Sierra Lamar who disappeared early Friday on her way to school. The cell phone was found in a field a couple miles from her home in Morgan Hill, California, KTVU-TV reported. Authorities located the phone Sunday by pinging it.

Sierra was last seen leaving for school Friday morning. K-9 units have been searching for the girl but lost her scent at the driveway of her home, according to the police. Investigators searched the surrounding countryside over the weekend for any clues that might lead to Lamar.

"We're hoping she's alive and that's the most important thing right now," the girl's mother, Marlene Lamar, told KTVU. Sierra Lamar is approximately 5-feet, 2 inches tall, with brown hair, last seen carrying a pink and black handbag.

Her sister, Danielle Lamar, said she doesn't think her sister ran away. "She's always in contact with family and friends. She wouldn't leave everyone out of the loop," Danielle Lamar said.

Anyone with information on the teenager's whereabouts is being urged to call the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department at (408) 299-2311. Alternatively, you can send the police and anonymous tip through

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Derek Fisher Rocketing To Houston According To Anonymous Source

Derek Fisher
Allegedly, the Houston Rockets have acquired center Marcus Camby from Portland and Derek Fisher as well as a 2012 first-round pick from the L.A. Lakers in different trades.

The news came Thursday from an anonymous source because the deal had not been officially announced yet. Fisher will bring depth and championship experience to the point-guard spot.

Fisher has spent 13 of his 16 NBA seasons with the L.A. Lakers and participated in five championship teams. The Rockets will play the Lakers in Houston on Tuesday.

The Rockets have been searching for a big player since Yao Ming retired last summer. This new additional will certainly firm-up the Rockets offense.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tim Tebow Traded According To Anonymous Tip

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow traded?

That's the scoop according to football officienado Mike Florio, via an anonymous tip. Well maybe not 'traded', but imminently traded. Wild rumors and speculation surround the potential retention of Tebow if Peyton Manning doesn't sign with the Denver Broncos. If Manning is signed, Tebow will undoubetedly be traded.

Before Florio's report, speculation abound that if Manning didn't come to Denver, he may mentor Tebow. Manning allegedly a fan of Tebow, proclaimed his adoration for the young quarterback in  2010 when he said to Gator Sports, "Any NFL team would be lucky to have Tim Tebow."

The flip side to this is if Tebow stayed, there would still be no certainty that he'd ever be kind of NFL quarterback that Elway would want for Broncos. However, Tebow improved tremendously last season and revved-up the team and brought the Bronco's fans to a frenzy game after game. This may all be a moot point since the Bleacher Report states the obvious; that the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals look like the prime contenders in a race for Manning.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snooki Preganat According to Anonymous Sources

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi'
Jersey Shore star "Snooki" is reportedly pregnant according to anonymous sources. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi', denies that she has a bun in the oven, however, The New York Post suggests that she may be hiding the fact she and her boyfriend Jionni have a little mini-Snooki on the way. A similar claim was also reported by MTV.

The Post is now citing anonymous sources who claim that the 24-year-old star is expecting, and is hoping to become the next Kourtney Kardashian (who gave birth to her son on her family's reality show, and is expecting her second baby).

Snooki told "Good Morning America," “I definitely do want kids, but I’m not pregnant . . . Being pregnant should be a real thing and a happy thing, and I’m not.”

Whatever the case is, it seems that the sources of the rumor are going to remain anonymous for now. If you want to report or expose a newsworthy story to the media, anonymous email via

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Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway Missing After Mystery Text Message

Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway
Abreeya Brown, 18, and her friend, Ashley Conaway, 22 sent of a desperate text message from the car trunk of their kidnappers around 10:00 PM Tuesday night. The messages ceased after an hour with a final chilling message saying, "Help us. They got us." It's believed that three men were involved in the incident and are in custody. Police are also investigating a burned-out car in Detroit that matches the getaway vehicle, a gray or silver Chrysler Concorde-like car. Bullet holes were found perforating the vehicle, but no bodies were discovered at the scene.

"Some people on the east side reported hearing shots," Hamtramck Detective George Voight said.

The disappearance occurred around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday when Brown and Conaway were abducted from a car outside a house by two armed men. When police arrived at the scene Tuesday night, Brown's vehicle was still running with the car doors open. Her handbag was on the ground and both women were missing. At least two dozen bullet holes pierced the front of the house.

Police stated that Brown and Conaway were forced into the trunk of a car by men while exchanging gunfire with one of the abductors.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Hamtramck police at (313) 876-7803 or Crime Stoppers at (800) SPEAK-UP, or alternatively send an anonymous email via

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