Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Martin "Banged" George Zimmerman's Head Off Footpath According To Anonymous Source

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin
An anonymous source cited that Trayvon Martin grabbed Mr George Zimmerman's head and banged it repeated times against a footpath; according to the The Orlando Sentinel. Police said the newspaper's story is "consistent" with evidence handed over to prosecutors.

In the highly controversial news story, the facts surrounding the night Trayvon Martin was shot have remained murky and unclear, except for corroborating testimony from witnesses that suggests Martin was the aggressor during the scuffle and not Mr. Zimmerman as being claimed by Martin's family, media and national civil rights figureheads.

A recently released CCTV video shows Mr. Zimmerman exiting a police squad car shortly after the event with no "visible" injuries. Lawyers for the Martin family are pointing to this as a red herring in the case against Mr. Zimmerman, stating that it proves Trayvon wasn't the aggressor and that Mr. Zimmerman's testimony is false or embellished.

Mr. Zimmermn remains free as authorities continue to piece together what happened that night the 17 year-old youth was shot. As more facts come to light, racial tensions around the country continue to heat-up while the true facts of that fateful night have yet to be been revealed.

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  1. This reminds me of a case in Montgomery County, MD where a female police officer cited a Hispanic male driving while intoxicated and it was later learned from a video camera that the guy was drunk and pulled over an crawled into the back seat of his own car to avoid drinking while driving. The video camera showed his feet hanging out of the rear door as the officer arrived on the scene. She was cold blooded busted by the camera and apologized for lying on the poor guy. And of course she was fired. She should have gone straight to jail.

  2. Crime must pay. I do hope more and more anonymous caller will help the authorities track down those bad guys.

  3. Sometimes this crimes happen because of addiction. We do hope there are many more silent killers that will also gives out tips not just for the crimes but for those drug dealers also, so that this crimes will be stop.

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