Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anonymous juries allowed by Maryland court

A Maryland Court of Appeals voted 6-1 on June 6 to permit new rules that would allow anonymous juries in criminal trials when a judge determines there is a potential for juror harassment, tampering or safety. The rules permit a judge to determine on a case-by-case basis if there is any reason to protect jurors’ identities. If it is determined that juries identities should remain anonymous, the judge would call for jurors to be referred to by number.

Silent Sender reported on a similar story back in March where  an anonymous jury for  a trial in Chicago was granted by state and federal courts in Chicago Illinois. Also, remember the Blagojevich case? The judge presiding over the former Illinois Governor's trial had proclaimed that the identities of the jurors in the retrial will indeed remain anonymous until the following morning after the proceedings.

While the media doesn't favor anonymous juries and there is some controversy over the matter, this is ultimately good for citizens that must participate in controversial trials where they may be in danger of intimidation or retribution. The ability to remain anonymous by sending an anonymous email or conveying information anonymously is critical to the safety of all people.

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