Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AMAC Hacked and under attack according to Anonymous Tip.

AMAC.US HACKED received an anonymous tip that AMAC, the organization for conservative mature adults 50 and over, was under attack by hackers and is currently unable to continue membership services along with information for seniors on discounts, finances, health and other issues. AMAC is a conservative alternative to AARP, a nonprofit, 'supposedly' nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives. It has been recently cited that AARP stands to financially benefit from Obamacare to the tune of approximately billions of taxpayer dollars.

AMAC's membership has been growing rapidly since recent inception and is quickly overtaking registered members of AARP. Citizens of 50 (which include the 'boomer' generation) may be the most influential voter block in the 2012 elections and in later years as concerns about Medicare, Social Security, prescription medication costs and long-term support of seniors and their daily lives remains serious issues for older citizens. AMAC's popularity has been drawing new membership from all political walks of life while AARP has seemingly been tilting towards the liberal agenda of the left and Obamacare, which has been cited to likely cost seniors more money in the form of higher medical expenses and fewer options when choosing doctors.

It is clear that someone or some organization wants to either make a statement, such as "we can shut down anyone who get's in our way" or to limit and minimize the burgeoning popularity of AMAC and its mission to provide a less radical and more partisan solution to AARP. The exact time AMAC's website went down isn't known yet, but occurred sometime during the early evening hours Wednesday night. A request for more information on the matter has been sent to AMAC for further comment.

You can visit AMAC's website by clicking here.

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